Unica Group, an integrated project for the future of farmers and the environment



Unica Group was founded in 2009 with an inclusive perspective thanks to the collaborative effort made by thousands of farmers who, upon abandoning individualism, decided to work together to improve customer service and enhance the end user experience.
Our challenge is to produce top quality fruit and vegetables that meet the needs of the most demanding European consumers. The Group is currently made up of nine cooperatives with a unified corporate image whilst respecting the identity of each one.
At Unica Group, doing things well is important to us. This is why we care for people and working methods. On this note, we are continuously improving our processes and operations with the aim of paving the way towards a healthier environment for future generations.
The key to our exponential growth rests on the fact that from the onset, we have focused on being an integrated project in which all of the executive members from the participating cooperatives play a role in its management, offering full transparency to partners through an organisational structure that warrants lower costs and optimum operational efficiency.


Unica Group comprises a total of nine cooperatives from Almeria, Granada and Murcia; however, our doors are open to all agricultural organisations that wish to join this project built around integration, sustainability and profitability.
José Martínez Portero is our chairman and the current partners are the cooperatives Cabasc, Casur, Cohorsan, Cota 120, El Grupo, Ferva, Parque Natural, Agrolevante , Parafruts and Camposol.


Unica Group currently has nine specialist warehouses where more than 3.000 workers process products from 1,900 farmers with 2,200 hectares grown in hothouses and 700 hectares in open air. Turnover tops 250 million euros and in the 2015/2016 campaign, we expect to sell more than 260 million kilos.
Germany, UK, France, Denmark, Austria and Poland are the main destinations and tomatoes, with 80 million kilos, and cucumbers and peppers, 40 million kilos each, are the most sold products; however, thanks to the nine partners we have a wide variety of fruit and vegetables for the national and international markets.


Unica Group has an extensive catalogue of products that meets all customer needs throughout Europe. Along these lines, sales are divided into five categories: vegetables, leafy vegetables, melon and watermelon, fruit, and snacks. Tomato, cucumber, aubergine, lettuce, melon, watermelon, cherry and other fruit and vegetables make up our inventory. On top of these, we offer the tasty and refreshing Unica Gazpacho. Our Brands are Freshquita, Freshquita Bio, Soolpassion & Bergie.
Quality is part and parcel of all our processes. From production to customer delivery, we comply with the most stringent European regulations in terms of food safety and traceability.
Meanwhile, innovation, in our eyes, is the only way to continue expanding. Innovation based on maximum respect for the environment and on providing consumers with the fruit and vegetable products they need to achieve a balanced and healthy diet. In turn, we stay on top of customer preferences offering the most in-demand types and specialities in the market at all times.


Unica Group has spearheaded an innovative technological project called ‘Soy de Unica’, a groundbreaking idea in the agricultural sector. It is a mobile application that has become the main resource used by farmers to consult the state of production, enjoy the Unica experience and find out about the latest trends in the agri-food industry.
‘Soy de Unica’ offers several functions exclusively to partners, allowing them to check the prices or times of products and receive notifications, among other services. There are also channels open to the company as a whole, which disclose corporate information about the Unica Group, updates on each one of the cooperatives, the current status of the sector, technical support, our social endeavours and information on the Unica Activa program. An innovative app offering useful content and compatible with Android and iOS devices.


The wellbeing of partners and employees is a priority concern for Unica Group. To this end, we have launched the ‘Unica Activa’ program to encourage exercise and sports practice. Different activities are organised on a monthly basis through the running club, hiking club and cycling club.


Unica Activa is available to everyone through new technology and social media. In addition to the ‘Soy de Unica’ app, we have Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles where we share our daily activity and foster a sense of belonging of partners and employees.

You can find us at:
Parque Científico-Tecnológico de Almería Avda. de la Innovación, 15
Edifico Pitágoras 2o planta
Tel.: 950 181 500
Email: info@unicagroup.es