Freshquita brand offers a healthier option

Freshquita offers a wide and tasty selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, grown in a natural and respectful way of the environment. Live a healthier life. Take care of yourself, and let Fresquita take care of you.


Your cooperative
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Soydeunica is a platform designed for partners, Unica Group employees and the general public. The App is easy to use and partners can view information about the farms, delivery notes, sampling, performance, weather forecasts and news from the food industry, the cooperative’s and the Unica Group.


For all your fruit and vegetables needs

Thanks to the incorporation of new farmers and cooperatives in all areas of Spain we have extended our product range and availability to meet all requirements.


Continuous innovation

One of Unica’s unique qualities is that it is constantly researching and developing new products; new formats and instigating new eating occasions.


Our internal and external monitoring and auditing systems ensure the excellent QUALITY of the products we deliver to our customers


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Our people

Our People are pivotal to us. We help them to be healthy, trained, motivated and committed, which in turn helps us to offer our wide range of products, quality and innovation.


Instant Control on your mobile

Supplies delivery notes, sampling and performance of each consignment.

Soydeunica mobile application has been designed in order to provide you with total control of your production. If you have any suggestions to help us improve to this service we look forward to hearing.

Find out why Unica Group is unique. And there is only one way to improve and that is to work together. Belonging to Unica Group means being part of an integrated project aimed at improving your profitability, along with everyone.

Come. You have much to gain and nothing to lose.



Zucchini millefeuille with foie-gras, boletus and micuit


Trio of tomato cocktail




Stuffed Pepper Angello